The video addresses the issue of political and social censorship. In response to audio commands activated by the movements of the viewer (via 7 sensors), a woman begins to cover her "senses" with a black bandage. As she covers herself with the bandage her image becomes progressively lost in the black background, referencing the Kokken dressed in black who depict absence on the stage in Noh theater. The woman's slow, mechanical rhythm in the sensor-triggered video mirrors the rhythm of her thoughts, which are outside of day-to-day space and time.

BIO: Asli Saglam is a sculptor and multimedia artist who lives, works and teaches in Istanbul. After graduating from Saint Benoit, french high school, she moved to Italy to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, where she completed a bachelor of fine arts in Sculpture in 2007 and graduated with honors from the master program in Visual Arts and Multimedia Techniques in 2009. She has worked as an illustrator and participated in exhibitions in both Italy and Turkey.