The aim of this project is to induce empathy of the viewer towards "characters" which are nothing more than articulated metal structures. Each machine has a spherical body and eight arms made of aluminum tubing. It has a sensing system, a motor system and a control system that functions as an autonomous nervous system. Machines are suspended from the ceiling and their arms are actuated by pneumatic valves and cylinders. Ultrasound sensors allow the robots to detect the presence of viewers in the nearby environment.

BIO: Bill Vorn is working in the field of Robotic Art since 1992. His installation and performance projects involve robotics and motion control, sound, lighting, video and cybernetic processes. He pursues research on Artificial Life and Agent Technologies through artistic work based on the "Aesthetics of Artificial Behaviors". He holds a Ph.D. degree in Communication Studies from UQAM (Montreal) for his thesis on "Artificial Life as Media". He teaches Electronic Arts in the Department of Studio Arts at Concordia University (Intermedia/Cyberarts program) where he is responsible of the aLab, a Robotic Art research lab part of the Hexagram Institute.