The Sexed Robots are autonomous wheeled robots fitted with nylon genital organs, respectively male and female. They are equipped with various sensors, 12 volt motors and an on-board microcontroller "brain". The batteries provide approximately 5 hours of operation. The robots are programmed to explore their environment, occasionally entering an "in-heat" mode, where they will try and locate a partner in the same state. If a partner is located, the robots will attempt to mate.

In a humorous and clumsy fashion the Sexed Robots operate at the border between mammal and machine worlds, being programmed like computers to perform a task that belongs to the highly developed organic forms of the planet. The displacement of a fundamental mammal activity into artificial constructs, combined with the zoo-like presentation, might lead the viewer to think about the place artificial designs occupy in their environment and life, and how far will these constructs assist, improve and eventually replace natural functions.

The Sexed Robots are part of Paul Granjon’s installation Robotarium which was commissioned for the exhibition Somewhere Else, Welsh pavilion, Venice Biennale 2005.

BIO: Paul Granjon
“The co-evolution of humans and machines has been the underlying subject of my work for several years. I am interested in how humans create at an increasingly rapid rate tools and prosthesis of exponential complexity, and how these tools in turn affect the human experience. I make machines for performances and exhibitions that comment in a humorous fashion on our relation to machines. I aim to bring the audience to question human dependence on ultra-complex technologies and suggest a more empowered attitude towards these technologies as well as a re-valued approach to the capabilities of the human body and mind.” Paul Granjon, 2009