Fluid Data

Fluid Data is a dynamic urban interface combining social data with architecture. The amount of location-specific content being put on the internet is almost impossible to keep track of, and this project intends to make visible the pages and pages of data that most tend to miss. Centralized to Istanbul, real-time Twitter posts (both about Istanbul and by residents of the city) and news stories about Istanbul will gently flow throughout the architecture of the building. This seemingly endless flow of data will follow pipes, door frames, and other architectural elements as it moves around the room, showing viewers just how much data about the city is being created in real-time. Intending to highlight elements of the architecture, the data will follow paths both in and out of a room, appearing in the space via the internet, flowing along the architecture, then disappearing again, back into the social data sphere.

Jayme Cochrane
Jayme Cochrane is an interaction designer currently based in Linz. After receiving a B.Sc in Interactive Arts (focus Interaction Design) from Simon Fraser University in Canada, he moved to Linz to work in the Ars Electronica Futurelab. He is currently also pursuing a master's degree in Interface Culture at the University of Art and Design Linz.