Janez Jansa
NAME Readymade

Can you imagine few years ago 3 established American artists joining the Republican Party and then legally changing their names into George W. Bush? And since than bringing the name of the USA President at museums, exhibiting next to Robert Gober or Barbara Kruger, festivals, showing work next to Meg Stuart and Nature Theater of Oklahoma, galleries, presenting video along Bruce Nauman?
NAME Readymade is the lecture/presentation of the “Name changing” gesture perpetrated by three Slovenian artists who in 2007 officially, and with all the papers and stamps required, changed their names to the Slovenia’s economic-liberal, conservative prime minister at the time, Janez Jansa.

“When the three artists changed their names to Janez Jansa, they in fact adopted a critical stand to the state. To the Slovene government, in which until recently all posts seemed occupied as it were by a single person - Janez Jansa. (...) Through the multiplication of Janez Jansa’s name, the function of the prime minister has assumed, within this specific artistic action, a similar position as the Campbell soup cans in Andy Warhol’s works.” (Zdenka Badovinac, Name Readymade, October 2008) All Janez Jansas’ works, their private and public affairs, in a word their whole life has been conducted under this name ever since.
Janez Jansa at Amber09 will take you through a series of artistic, political, administrative and mediatic actions performed by himself together with artists Janez Jansa and Janez Jansa.

Produced by Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana