kazamidori is a media gadget like weather vane to indicate the direction where visitors in a website are coming from in real-time. The weather vane is designed as a bird, like traditional weather vanes, as it will face the direction where the virtual 'wind' is coming from. Every day, visitors arrive at the website virtually and kazamidori aims to materialize the emotions of visitors to the site.

In this exhibition, we will point the system towards the website of the Amber Festival, (similar to Slogan Generator). As a result, visitors to the festival can see the direction where this festival is needed in the world, while imagining the subtle feelings of the virtual visitor.

h.o (Hide Ogawa, Taizo Zushi, Jun Yura and Emiko Ogawa) is an international media art group from Tokyo creating conceptual art works using a mixture of media combined with digital technology. "h.o" derives from the chemical symbol for water, H2O, implying h.o's interest in various forms of communication between people. Its activities and ideas are inspired by little awareness that appear in everyday scenes and criticism on information-oriented society.