Paperclip Electronics Paperclips, tape and kitchen foil...

What is a battery? How does electric light work? Can you connect electronics yourself? Come and make electronic jewelry out of everyday things. Where will you wear your circuit? What does it do?

A necklace lights up the dark inside your coat. A ring connects two friends. A secret switch inside your pocket sends a signal to those who know you. You can wear your circuit on your sleeve or as a secret under your collar. It is yours - you make it and you decide.

No soldering necessary.

Duration: 1 hour
Age: 5 - 7
Group size max. 10

Kristina Andersen works with electronics and games to create unusual objects and experiences, which she likes to test on children first. She is currently working on a series of black boxes with interactive behaviors as a part of her ongoing obsession with naïve electronics. Connected to STEIM, she holds an MA in Design, an M.Sc in Virtual Environments, and was a research fellow at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. She taught and mentored at institutions such as DasArts, Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie and hosts numerous workshops in 'strange locations'.