Low-Tech Songs With Servo Drive
Lo-Tech songs with Servo-Drive is constructed around the presentation and demonstration of several machines selected from the artist’s production. The selection includes robots in progress such as Mofo the small humanoid robot, as well as older classic machines, including a Robotic Bird. The presentation of the machines is often accompanied by a song with music generated by self-made instruments. The performance is underlined by an illustrated comment about recent developments in robotic science and entertainment. More info on Paul Granjon’s work on www.zprod.org

“The co-evolution of humans and machines has been the underlying subject of my work for several years. I am interested in how humans create at an increasingly rapid rate tools and prosthesis of exponential complexity, and how these tools in turn affect the human experience. I make machines for performances and exhibitions that comment in a humorous fashion on our relation to machines. I aim to bring the audience to question human dependence on ultra-complex technologies and suggest a more empowered attitude towards these technologies as well as a re-valued approach to the capabilities of the human body and mind.” Paul Granjon, 2009