In current discourse, cyborgization process is not merely limited to the creation of an organism, mixing up the organic and the synthetic. It is also not about a creation of a body partially biological and partially technological but more about an organism, which embodying both aspects and pursuing its own development. ?gAdnan Amca Siborg mu??h is a proposal for an interactive installation concerning the cyborgization process to take place in public space. The installation will be placed on a store window. As the passers-by watch their reflections on the window with the effect of their mobile phones or other digital devices they carry, the scene will change. The image will consist of pixelized movements. During this process, to emphasize the cyborgization of urban space, several text features will also appear on the display. These will consist of satirical statements on our unconsciously conducted cyborgisation. 

BIO: Nagehan Kural_ and Selin Ozcelik, both had studied at Sabanci University, Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design Program (BA) and are still studying at University of Arts Bremen, MA Digital Media Program.