Slogan Generator

Slogan Generator is a media gadget to dynamically create slogans for a specific event. This project was started in the 2008 Ars Electronica Festival as a new advertisement campaign to show social interests as a new type of slogan. Each event will have its own slogan, such as the Ars Electronica Center’s "Museum of the Future". In this project, we developed a system to record the keywords people are using to access the website and to convert the "Museum of the Future" slogan to new ones such as "Museum of the ?" by using the keywords generated by users. Through this idea, we can see social contributions dynamically.

In this exhibition, we will point this system towards the web site of Amber Festival. This gadget will show the social universe of this festival.

h.o and Dentsu
h.o (Hide Ogawa, Taizo Zushi, Jun Yura and Emiko Ogawa) is an international media art group from Tokyo creating conceptual art works using a mixture of media combined with digital technology. "h.o" derives from the chemical symbol for water, H2O, implying h.o's interest in various forms of communication between people. Its activities and ideas are inspired by little awareness that appear in everyday scenes and criticism on information-oriented society.