Teoman Madra summarized his points of views on photography and art interactions:
Photography, -at random, for joy and experimental- will give you better results, specifically also if you aim for professional approaches. Further more, these words explain better my projects to make art with a camera, which is always a product of new technology, whether analogue or digital now... Recently, the techniques are easier for focusing, but composing problems remain to be the same. Doing art with technology will basically depend to your own style and to your extended compilations on how you will modulate the technical possibilities away from standard directions towards some practical dissipations and logical rearrangements with instant tryouts. Such things, will provide you many new multimedia setups, and open up to expansion incidencies. Consequently, your cultural background being the more important item, the mechanical dominations of new techniques will be decentralized and you will gain back your human awkwardnesses securely through random tags in professional but personal pursuit of your technology ventures. So, you should never fully trust new technology and manage it mostly with minute creativities, alert and with experimental random attentions. In order to escape being fully cyborged, you can randomize many mechanical steps with alternate aesthetical concerns and in your safe personal ways of doing them. In extreme cases of such handling of technology with your creative access to new life, then you may possibly find yourself also amidst of a contemporary art world of the century, today.